Common formative assessment at the classroom level is a systematic and cyclical process designed to provide timely teacher/student feedback on curricula and student learning to improve both instructional practices and academic achievement.

Developing and conducting, as well as reporting grade-level common formative assessment results is a requirement of participating Collaborative Work schools.


Step 1: Create a log-in
Step 2: Complete the online form below.
Step 3: Click “check data”. This feature will look for empty cells and totals that may need correction or explanation.
Step 4: Click “share data.” By doing this, you are sharing your data with your RPDC. Your RPDC will look at the data and be in touch if there are any questions. Your RPDC will share your data with DESE when it is ready.



EduSAIL – Educational Systems and Instruction for Learning – features the Missouri Collaborative Work initiative. Through Missouri Collaborative Work, PK-12 educators establish collaborative data teams, develop and administer common formative assessments, use data-based decision-making, and implement effective teaching/learning practices. With support from the Missouri State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG), the statewide system of support receives training tools, processes, and structures to bridge professional development to practice. This website is maintained with funds received through the SPDG.